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Prepare For Your Appointment


  1. Plan feedings prior to the appointment so that your baby will be hungry when we meet. Ideally, baby will not eat 1 hour prior to appointment. 

  2. Print and complete the Intake and Consent Forms below. Bring the completed form to the appointment.

  3. Click on Privacy Practices below and read. If you wish, you may print it for your records.

  4. We encourage you to bring written questions, so nothing is forgotten.

  5. Payment is due at the beginning of the appointment. Cash or debit/credit card, no personal checks. We will give you a claim form to file with your insurance company. 

  6. Cancellations require 24 hour notice. Phone or text 410-262-8434

Click here to print Intake & Consent Form

Click here to view Privacy Practices

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