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Is it time to call for professional help?

Imagine for a moment: it is 6am. You have been up most of the night with an unhappy baby. Your boobs are heavy and leaking. Your nipples are sore. Your baby seems to want to latch but she will not stay on for more than a minute. No matter what you do she won't stop crying. You are frustrated, exhausted & tears are welling up in your eyes. It didn't look this hard in the videos you watched! Your partner is headed out the door for work and you don't know how in the world you are going to make it through the day. Your friend suggests that maybe it is time to call a Lactation Consultant & you wonder "What do they do?".

Your Lactation Consultant is here to help!! You're going to be OK!!

Breastfeeding is a complex and wonderful process. A woman's body is uniquely designed to work in sync with her baby. But, sometimes this beautiful, wonderful process hits a few bumps in the road and the glamour wears off quick! Seeking the help of an IBCLC (see our blog "Do I need a 'Board Certified' breastfeeding specialist?") can get you back on the path to having a satisfying and happy breastfeeding relationship with your child. There are many reasons to seek help but some of the most common are : latch difficulty, sore nipples, cracked or bleeding nipples, milk supply concerns, feeding of multiple babies, premature infant, engorgement, jaundice, plugged milk ducts, parent returning to work and many more. There is no reason to tough this out on your own. Breastfeeding your baby is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life and we are here to help you succeed in your goals. Contact us! Let's talk!

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