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Beware of Dr. Google!

Ah, the internet! It’s a wonderful tool, right?! I personally love it and I don’t know how I got through the first three decades of my life without it.

There is a TON of really good breastfeeding information on the internet! The trick is sifting through the misinformation. I have read blogs posted by “specialists” that make my skin crawl

(for more information about specialists read my blog “Do I need a Board Certified Specialist?”).

Imagine you’re buying a used car and researching what models are reliable and recommended. Would you consult just any person who has ever owned a car?


The best sources for quality information would be automotive industry experts or your certified mechanic.

As parents, your baby is so precious and important to you, so naturally you want the most accurate information possible to guide your breastfeeding journey. My advice is to consider the source!

Look for authors who have the IBCLC credential after their name. This credential is recognized around the world as the highest level of Lactation Consultant certification. Many, not all, of these professionals are also Registered Nurses.

You can also look to credible websites such as:

La Leche League

American Academy of Pediatrics parenting website

Of course, talking with a local professional who can assist you with your specific questions and concerns may be best for you! Contact me today!

Jean Tretler, RN IBCLC

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